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Building a positive and inclusive workplace for all staff – including the growing numbers who are, or will become carers - is both good employment practice and good business sense.

Building on the wealth of learning and experience from the Employers for Carers business forum since 2009, the purpose of Carer Confident is to help you to:

  • Robustly benchmark your organisation in order to develop and sustain support for carers within your workplace and reap the business benefits from this.
  • Understand performance gaps to identify and address areas for improvement, manage change and create an effective carer confident organisation.
  • Capture, measure and monitor interventions and impact in a structured way to aid submissions to wider employer recognition schemes (for example across the Equality and Diversity and Inclusion agenda).

Carer Confident will provide a practical framework to assist you to:

  • Develop and implement your package of support for carers, whatever your size or sector.
  • Identify and measure the impact of workplace policies and practices which can support carer (and wider workforce) retention, engagement and productivity.
  • Heighten your profile and reputation as an ‘employer of choice’ for the growing numbers of people looking to work more flexibly (whether carers, former carers, older workers, returners or others).



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