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Each of the 3 Carer Confident levels is measured across the following 5 key criteria:

  • Preparation (how are you enabling carers to identify and recognise themselves?)
  • Policy and guidance (how are you making your support for carers transparent?)
  • Practical support (what practical provisions and arrangements are available for carers?)
  • Peer support (how are you connecting and engaging carers?)
  • Promoting support (how are you communicating carer support?)

Carer Confident has been designed to be progressive, to enable you to work through the levels, starting at Level 1: Active, then moving to Level 2: Accomplished and finally on to Level 3: Ambassador. It will therefore be assumed that you will start at Level 1, although we recognise that some employers will have supported working carers for longer and may wish to provide evidence that they meet the criteria for Level 2 or Level 3.


A Summary of Criteria across all three levels including relevant evidence examples can be downloaded here.

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