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What our members say

I have worked with the Employers for Carers forum for many years both when I worked in Investment Banking and now with a Portfolio Career.  The practical and innovative support provided by the forum is unrivalled. While in Investment Banking, we jointly conducted a piece of research into 'Caring at a Distance' which raised the profile of the challenges carers face and what this can mean for people who do not live near the person they care for.  The 'Carers Agenda' is crucial for all employers to take seriously given the ageing demographics and increased pressure on the health economy.  Employers who continue to ignore this issue will struggle to attract and retain talented people in the future.
Charlotte Sweeney, Founder, Charlotte Sweeney Associates Ltd, Inclusion, Diversity, Wellbeing and Change Leadership Specialists 
Working with Employers for Carers was invaluable in setting up a Carers Network in a large and complex Government Department. They were always on hand to provide practical and common sense advice and to offer a helping hand. The result, I am delighted to say, is a thriving and proactive network which supports people with what are quite often complex caring responsibilities, including caring at a distance.
Anne Sylvester, Former Senior Diversity Adviser, FCO Services 
Listawood are proud to have been engaged for many years as one of the founding members of Employers for Carers. Along with other pioneering companies and organisations, we are delighted to have helped shape the work of the forum while also benefiting enormously from its expertise, advice and support.
Arthur Allen MBE, Founder, Listawood


The provision of support and useful information for our staff, via your website and helpline, is invaluable; helping us to raise and maintain awareness of the issues staff and the organisation face.
HR and Equalities Specialist, Transport for London