Equality Act Guidance

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Non Statutory Guidance for employers has been published today (30 July 2010) by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The Guidance can be accessed via the Commission’s website or by clicking on the link here: www.equalityhumanrights.com/ea2010

Equality Act 2010: What do I need to know? Summary guides to key changes in the law

Implementation of the majority of the provisions of the Equality Act will begin on 1 October 2010. The new Act brings together nine separate pieces of legislation into one single Act with the aim of simplifying the law and strengthening it in particular areas.

The Government Equalities Office, in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce, Citizens Advice, ACAS and the Equality and Diversity Forum, has published a series of summary guides and “Quick Start” guides to the key changes in the law to support implementation of the Act.

These guides include an ACAS guide on ‘what’s new for employers?’ and summary guides for businesses who provide goods and services.

The guides can be accessed on the Government Equalities Office website here:

Guidance for carers, "Equality Act 2010: What do I need to know as a carer?", can also be downloaded via the above link.