Business benefits - what our members say

A member of Employers for Carers (large utility company with a multi-site operation) calculated that implementing appropriate leave arrangements for carers constituted a benefit of £1 million a year:

(In a caring emergency) you are not dealing with an absence, you are potentially dealing with a vacancy if you don’t respond appropriately. The cost of recruiting is incomparable to the cost of 2-3 days’ emergency leave.
Policy Development Manager, HR, Utility Company

The company also sees the benefits of flexible working in motivating staff, making them more productive:

We have anecdotal evidence that if you offer a better work-life balance, employees are more motivated. We can also turn the assumption that part time workers are not committed to their work on its head. Productivity of output can be measured in call centres, and there is evidence there.
Policy Development Manager, HR, Utility Company

Another member sees the benefits of flexible working in allowing services to be delivered round the clock to meet customer deadlines:

Our flexibility of working practices means we can offer clients very flexible strategies, for example varying the lead-in times to meet the requirements of individual orders.
Operations Director, Manufacturing Company