Umbrella Membership

Umbrella membership is an extended EfC membership arrangement which gives small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) the opportunity to engage with EfC through a co-ordinating body, such as a local authority or chamber of commerce. This enables SME businesses that are part of an umbrella membership scheme to gain FREE ACCESS to Employers for Carers resources. SMEs can login by using their membership code provided. 

Our definition of an SME is an organisation with fewer than 250 employees. The umbrella membership is also extended to district councils and local health partners (of any size).
SMEs, health partners and district councils can then benefit from umbrella membership in the following ways: 
  • Accessing member resources on the members' platform, EfC Digital, which includes relevant legal information, practical case studies, guides and template leaflets/workplace surveys.
  • Being part of an employer network within the locality which could also host local employer networking sessions.
To find out if your local authority area is already an umbrella member, please see the list of members here.
Contact the EfC team on or by calling us on 020 7378 4956 for further information, to discuss umbrella membership or to receive your local authority's membership code.