Supporting working carers: Building resilience in juggling work and care

When carers are supported by their employers they can juggle work and care more effectively, with identifiable benefits in terms of retention, productivity and reduced absence. If carers are not supported, they are more likely to experience stress, to have to reduce working hours, miss out on opportunities for professional development or even leave the workplace altogether – 1 in 5 leave work to care. Our latest research Caring at a Distance: bridging the gap shows that the majority of working carers feel that their work has been negatively affected by caring and they feel tired, stressed and anxious (43%).

This course is aimed specifically at working carers and is designed to be delivered in the workplace. It helps employers to develop effective in-house support for their employees with caring responsibilities, and helps carers to identify other sources of support.

The course covers:

  • Information on caring, juggling work and care and flexible working
  • Legislation and good practice examples of supporting carers in the workplace
  • Effective internal sources of help, such as peer to peer support through carer networks
  • Effective external sources of support, such as local authorities and condition specific charities.

Working carers attending the course will:

  • Gain and share information on what it means to be a carer
  • Be more aware of their options in combining work with their caring role
  • Learn how to make an effective request to change working arrangements
  • Learn about employment rights and support for carers
  • Consider their own personal work-life balance
  • Feel more informed and better supported.