Supporting carers in your workforce: line manager training

This course is aimed at managers and human resources staff to help them to explore ways to support and engage with the ever growing number of carers in the workforce. Organisations may have their own specific policies and practices but it is managers who are the gatekeepers to these policies and practices and who can make the real difference in supporting and retaining working carers.

Ourlatest research 'Caring at a Distance: bridging the gap' shows that less than 1 in 5 employers provide training on caring issues to their managers. Consistent with this is the relatively small number of carers (6%) who identify well trained managers as a significant source of existing workplace support.

The materials are interactive and use case studies covering a range of scenarios. Exercises are designed to encourage discussion and shared learning, drawing from participants’ own experiences.

The course includes:

  • Identifying and understanding carers
  • The business case
  • What employers have to do: the law
  • What employers can do to support working carers
  • Action planning.

Following the course managers will be able to:

  • Identify carers and their needs in the workplace
  • Explore practical and sustainable ways to help carers stay in work and maintain health and productivity
  • Understand the real business benefits of supporting carers in the workplace.