Managing stress at work: spotlight on carers

If carers are not supported, they are more likely to experience stress, to have to reduce working hours, miss out on opportunities for professional development or even leave the workplace altogether – 1 in 5 leave work to care. Our latest research Caring at a Distance: bridging the gap shows that the majority of working carers feel that their work has been negatively affected by caring and they feel tired, stressed and anxious (43%).

This course is aimed at managers and human resources staff to help them to explore ways to support and engage with the ever growing number of carers in the workforce. The materials are interactive and use case studies covering a range of scenarios. Exercises are designed to encourage discussion and shared learning, drawing from participants’ own experiences.

The course covers:

  • Identifying the roots of stress
  • Stress busting strategies
  • Prevention strategies
  • Workplace support

Following the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify signs of stress in employees
  • Implement prevention techniques to prevent working carers reaching crisis points
  • Develop effective workplace support to retain and support working carers including workplace networks, peer to peer support, signposting to external sources of support