Flexible working: solutions for retention in recession

Understanding the benefits that flexible working can bring to both the employer and employees with caring responsibilities is an important part of developing policies and practices. Evidence has shown that a flexible working approach attracts and retains staff, reduces stress and sick leave, increases productivity, improves service delivery, produces cost savings and improves people management.

Organisations that have introduced flexible working and special leave arrangements for carers have judged them a success.

This course is aimed at managers and human resources staff to help them to explore ways to support the ever growing number of carers in the workforce using a flexible working approach. The materials are interactive and use case studies covering a range of scenarios. Exercises are designed to encourage discussion and shared learning, drawing from participants’ own experiences.

The course covers:

  • Flexible working and flexible leave
  • Retaining key skills and experience
  • Managing and implementing flexibility - debunking the myths
  • Positioning for recovery