What does our consultancy service offer?

Our consultancy service can help you to:

  • identify and engage with carers in your workforce
  • audit your policy and practice
  • develop solutions that work for you
  • achieve a culture change
  • monitor outcomes and build your business case.

We can help you to address these questions:

  • are you aware of the carers in your workforce?
  • do you know about carers' rights in the workplace?
  • are your employment policies carer friendly?
  • do you know the main reasons why carers give up work?
  • does your organisation understand the needs of carers?
  • have you ever asked carers what they need or what they would like from your organisation in terms of support?
  • have you got appropriate and relevant information for carers?

If you want to:

  • retain skilled employees who are current or potential carers
  • promote motivation, loyalty and productivity in your workforce
  • reap the business benefits of being a carer friendly employer
  • enhance your reputation as a trail blazer, promoting good practice as well as compliance with the law

Then contact us for further information: 

Call us on 020 7378 4956 or email employers@carersuk.org

Our members receive a complimentary consultation session on a current issue of interest or concern.