Umbrella membership

Employers for Carers also has an umbrella EfC membership model for:

  • local employer organisations/business organisations such as chambers of commerce or trade associations who have SMEs in membership, or
  • local authorities so that they can bring on board the SMEs within their own locality 

The umbrella member organisation (i.e. the chamber, trade association or local authority) acts as a co-ordinating body by extending its EfC membership to its own member SMEs (our definition of SME’s here is organisations with less than 250 employees) and free access to EfC membership and resources is then provided for all SMEs among the umbrella organisation’s own membership.

This model therefore benefits both the ‘umbrella’ organisation and its own members who might not otherwise access EfC’s help or resources. It is essentially a block membership arrangement which enables SMEs to engage through the co-ordinating body rather than by paying membership fees individually (which should help SMEs both financially and in terms of ease of access). 

SMEs benefit from umbrella membership in the following ways: 

  •  accessing member resources on the EfC website, including relevant legal information, practical case studies and template leaflets/workplace surveys

  •  invitations to EfC member events; connecting with other employers and benefitting from peer support

  •  being part of an employer network within the locality which could also host local employer networking sessions.


Contact EfC for further information and to discuss umbrella membership.